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Industrial Site located in the heart of the Ohio Valley


The Dan Evans Industrial Park of Ohio - Phase II Industrial Site is located in the heart of the Ohio Valley.  The 77 acre site is ready for your development.  Located just one mile North of US 35 /SR 850 interchange betwen Rio Grande and Gallipolis, Ohio. All utilities available with excess capacities. 
Site is currently seeking certification through the JobsOhio SiteOhio Authentication Program.  Completed Due Diligence Studies include: Phase 1 Environmental Review, Geotechnical Study, Wetland Determination, Threatened & Endangered Species.  


Utility Infrastructure

Water Infrastructure - Gallia Rural Water

  • 8" within Industrial Park; 12" transmission line to the Industrial Park boundaries
  • 4.30 MGD total capacity of system serving the Industrial Park
  • 500,000 gpd excess capacity with maximum 750,000 gpd

​Sewer Infrastructure - City of Gallipolis

  • 8" Line
  • 450,000 gpd excess capacity at Industrial Park

AEP Ohio

  • Single - Three Phase Service
  • 12kV circuit to the Industrial Park
  • Circuit originates from AEP Ohio station which is 10,000' from Industrial Park
  • 5 MW available capacity

Buckeye Rural Electrive Cooperative

  • A Substation 3600' from the Site with 7 MVA available capacity at the sub.
  • 2500 KVA capacity readily available at Industrial Park through existing 336MCM 3 Phase conductors.

Columbia Gas of Ohio

  • 6" Medium Pressure plastic mainline

Horizon Network Partners

  • Horizon Fiber located along SR 850
  • Fiber-based solutions includes point-to-point and point -to-multipoint connectivity, as well as Dedicated Internet
  • Ethernet bandwidth that delivers up to 100 Gbps speed
  • Ring-protected network architecture, plus network points of presence with diverse connecivity and power.



The Dan Evans Industrial Park - Phase II Industrial Site is 1 mile from four-lane US 35,  providing quick access to three major interstate highways: I-64, I-77 and I-79.  

General Aviation Airport

The Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport located 9 miles from the Phase II Industrial Site, in Gallipolis, OH offers a 3,999' runway for business and personal aircrafts. 

Commercial Airport

  • Huntington Tri-State Airport (HTS) - 65 mi

  • Yeager Airport (CRW) - 69 mi

  • Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) - 92 mi

  • John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) - 107 miles



The Kanawha River Railroad (KNWA) consists of 309 miles of tracking running south from Refugee, OH to Maben, WV.  The railroad's name is derived from the Kanawha River in West Virginia which the railroad follows south through the state.  The KNWA ships approximately 20,000 carloads of product annually for the energy, aggregate, agriculture, and chemical industries.  Rail spur and rail storage yard available at Hobson Yard, Middleport, OH which is 21 miles from the Dan Evans Industrial Park - Phase II Industrial Site.

River Transport

The Ohio River system is 451 miles of coast line and is responsible for 63 million tons of commodities valued at $7.4 billion moving to, from and within Ohio. The Ohio River traffic in Ohio is dominated by the electric utility industry which relies on waterways to ship coal to more than 19 water-served power plants.  Ohio's River Terminals also provide access to the Gulf of Mexico, markets in Central and South America, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Pacific Ocean and Asian markets via the Panama Canal. 

Site Due Diligence Studies:

Phase 1 ESA 

  • Completed by Burgess & Niple, Inc, dated June 2014.
  • Status - Clear.
  • Conclusion - No recognized environmental conditions identified on-site or off-site.

Threatened & Endangered Species

  • Completed by Hull & Associates Inc, September 2017.
  • Species identified by USFWS and ODNR considered within range of project area are either unlikely to inhabit the Site, or unlikely to be impacted by construction activities.  

Water Determination Study

  • Performed by Jobes Henderson & Associates, Inc. and Hull & Associates, Inc in September, 2017.
  • JHA and Hull itendified three potentially jurisidictional ditches on the Site and two emergent wetlands on the Site. Based on the sults of the field review, impacts to potentially jurisdictional surface waters requiring federal and/ or state permits are possible as a result of future development activities.

Preliminary Geotechnical Exploration Study

  • Completed by Hull & Associates, Inc in August 2017.  
  • Predominant soil types observed at the Site are soft to hard lean clay with sand and sandy lean clay. Hull is of the opinion that the site soils can be suitable for the support of the anticipated lightly locaded commercial structures using conventional shallow foundations consisting of continuous (strip) or spread (column) footings when founded in the medium stiff to hard lean clay. Consideration will need to be given to a footer drainage system for the buildings. Additonal borings  will be required at the specific location of the building once known, to develop a detailed foundation design (structural) or economic analysis of foundation alternatives. 

Cultural Resources & Archeological Survey - Pending

Wetland Delineation Study - Pending

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The Ohio River system moves 63,000,000 tons of goods valued at $7,400,000,000 annually.

US 35 and SR 850 interchange near the Dan Evans Industrial Park.

Gallia-Meigs Regional Airport

Kanawha River Railroad crossing at the Ohio River